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Notice about Christmas and New Year Holiday

Refresh time:2018-12-20

Since 25th December 2018 (Tuesday) and 1st January 2019 (Tuesday) are Christmas and New Year Holidays respectively, the precious metals trading time of our company will make the following changes (Hong Kong time):

24th Dec 2018 (Monday)—Trading from 8am to 2.45am of the next day
25th Dec 2018 (Tuesday)—Closed
26th Dec 2018 (Wednesday)—8am trading as usual
1st January 2018 (Tuesday)—Closed
2nd January 2018 (Wednesday-- 8am trading as usual

Bitcoin is not affected, trading as usual.

Service hotline: 00852-53071788

Best regards.

Golden Day Profit Kamyip

20th December 2018